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At Kidstoolz.com we are about building a better tomorrow today!

Boys_and_Girls_Club(1)To further this goal, we have partnered with Lifetime Television and Designing Spaces, to help the Boys and Girls Club of America (Fort Lauderdale), by becoming a major sponsor for the rebuilding of a great place to help children build a better future.  We don’t want to stop at just making a financial donation, we also want to work alongside the next leaders of this generation to help make tomorrow better for all of us.

We don’t specialize in an abundance of products, instead we’ve picked children’s tools of the highest quality, packaged right here in Michigan. When you purchase these tools you’re helping your own children build their skills AND you’re helping other children have a brighter future through the Boys and Girls Club of America.

We believe in getting children away from the TV (at home) and away from bad influences (on the streets) by helping them be involved in building things and being a part of improving their world and ours. Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Our goal is to “Build a better tomorrow, today…one kid, and one tool at a time!”

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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