Girls Love Tools2sm
When young girls learn to build things with wood, they have the opportunity to feel pride in their achievements. They take pleasure in learning new skills, being adventurous, and overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Girls1smThis process helps them grow in self-confidence, express their natural creativity, and develop problem solving skills.

Woodworking builds many skills crucial to a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development.

Physical skills include large motor skills (pounding with a hammer, or sawing boards) and fine motor skills (using a screwdriver, or holding a nail straight).
Mental skills include spatial awareness, sustained concentration, and math skills (measuring, counting, and comparison).
KidsToolz Tool Set PinkEmotional benefits include self-respect (for a job well done), confidence to try new things, and pride in creative expression.

Additional benefits include an expanded vocabulary of new woodworking terms and a respect for safety and following directions. And, if you add in the benefit of quality time with Mom or Dad, it’s a win-win for everyone!